About Us

Vision Statement: 

Our Vision is to be known as the number one online platform that provides the best business ideas to business people all over the world through books.

Mission Statement: 

Our Mission is to help business people become better at what they do through the books they read and the people they meet.

Who we are

EveryBookOnBusiness.Com is an online social network platform for business people who love to read and recommend books on business to others.

What we do

  • We provide a platform that allows business people to view and learn about the books their friends and associates are reading.
  • We give business people access to the best business authors through the interviews we conduct with these bestselling book authors
  • We provide a simple system that allows business people to keep track of the books they are reading
  • We help business people find and discover some of the best business books that would be suitable to meet their current needs based on the recommendations from those they know, like and trust
  • We also provide a safe environment for business people to build great business relationships with likeminded business people